Preventative Care

Preventative <strong>Care</strong>

Preventing health problems in your pet is a lot easier than treating health problems that have already developed. The fact that animals cannot communicate their illnesses and often instinctively hide them means we are usually at a disadvantage when making diagnoses and planning treatments.

At Westside Veterinary Hospital, your initial consult with one of our doctors will include a question-and-answer session where we will determine what your individual pet(s) require to protect them from preventable diseases. We will create a preventative care plan, which will include physical exam appointments, parasite control (including heartworm, flea, and tick prevention), vaccinations, and periodic lab testing customized for your pet. As well, microchipping services are available to you at any age; in the event of an accidental separation, your pet may be returned to you if found and scanned at any shelter or veterinary hospital in the country.